- Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets : Original and Hand-Made South Carolina SweetgrassBaskets. (The best selection online!) SweetgrassBaskets in Mount Pleasant South Carolina - Corporate Gift Baskets Easter Gifts Thanksgiving and Christmas Available mary alice venning-vanderhorst vandehorst marsh grass baskets mt. pleasant sweetgrass-baskets sweetgrass sweet grass baskets established the largest assortment of hand-made sweetgrass baskets on the internet. 100's to choose from, or create a custom design!

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1 Loop Potpourri Tray
(9"W x 2 1/2"H)

2 Loops w/Stand
(Approx. 6"W x 2"H)

SG Palmetto Earrings
(Aprox. 3")

Square Basket w/Crutch Handle
(5"W x 8"H)

Rainbow Row Tray
(Approx. 6 1/2"W x 6"H)

The Pentagon Basket
(12"W x 2"H)

Row on Row Fruit Basket
(Approx. 8"W x 7"H)

Myla Basket Earrings
(Aprox. 2")

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8in Fruit Basket
(Approx. 8"W x 8"H)

Sweetgrass Clock
(Approx. 9"W)

Sweetgrass Clock
(Approx. 9"W)

Wall Pocket
(Approx. 12"L x 10"W)

Oblong Bread Tray
(Approx. 14"W x 3"H)

Traditional Lowcountry Basket
(Approx. 8"W x 1"H)

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